I know a lot of the Coldfusion Community is using CFEclipse, and with Flex Builder 2 being Eclipse based, I think more people are going to get exposure to the Eclipse Platform.

How many people don’t leave there Eclipse editor to do there work? how many people want more and more from there Eclipse Platforms?

For those who already have Open Office installed or even for those who don’t. The Office Integration Editor Plug-in

Another reason not to leave the Eclipse Platform.

While I’m on the subject? how many people use Eclipse for multiple things? how many people prefer to use different applications? I know that even some of the people who use Eclipse for multiple tasks, run the different Eclipse applications in seperate instances instead of switching between perspectives. What do you use Eclipse for? do you use perspectives? instances? or seperate applications?

As for me, I use my Eclipse for Database Access (QuantumDB), Coldfusion (CFEclipse, Flex 2 (Flex Builder 2), Java (JDT), Office Documents (Open office and plugin) and CVS. I use perspectives mainly unless I need to run a different version of the Platform. (Flex Builder 2 I have to currently run Eclipse 3.1). I don’t use the webbrowsers or any email plugins, because I rather have a seperate applications running for these tasks.


Just updated my project from Flex 2 Beta 3 to the Final Release of Flex 2.

Heres the url. http://members.optusnet.com.au/gareth_edwards/flexwidget/myflex.html

Still working on it. More as I get the time.

What framework are people using for there Flex applications?

Cairngorm 2? or ARP 3 Preview?

What are the benefits of the one over the other? Cairngorm seems to have a lot of support from Adobe. Yet ARP seems to get a lot of attention from its creator, which probably means it will be updated more often. But is this a good or a bad thing?

At a technical level, do both frameworks achieve the same result? better and more manageable code?

Time to download the two frameworks and have a look and see.
ARP. http://osflash.org/arp

Cairngorm 2. http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Cairngorm

For those who arn’t aware, Bluedragon is an alternate CFML engine from New Atlanta.

Vince Bonfanti from New Atlanta recently announced the planned features and schedule for the next version of Bluedragon. It seems they have come a long way in a short time. Bluedragon is currently available for Java and .NET platforms, which is good for the language I guess. The more platforms the broader the reach, right? Isn’t that the Adobe Flash Player / Apollo plan? But honestly I rather see people using Java over .NET. Go to Vince’s blog for a full details. http://blog.newatlanta.com/index.cfm

One of the features in particular that Vince announced for the next version was a set of tags. <cfthread> and <cfjoin>, this will give you the ability to spawn additional asynchronous threads and then join the up again. Join essentially means that further down the request you can wait for the asynchronous task to finish.

What is going to happen when Bluedragon’s features a different to that of Adobe’s Coldfusion. I think will start forcing companies to decide between New Atlanta and Adobe. How does the feature set announced effect what we’ll see from Adobe? who knows, maybe time will tell us? Maybe we can ask Tim Buntel?

Finally, what implications do some of these features have? If something as powerful as cfthread is not used correctly, what impact could it have on maintaining our applications? After speaking with several people, some people are a little weary. A public beta planned for late July or early August will hopefully give us a better picture of what these features will bring.

I think some of these things will become a hot topic in the coming weeks. What do you think?

Flex 2 SDK, Flex 2 Builder, Flex Data Services 2 and Flash Player 9 have been officially released, along with a new Adobe Flex website.


I think Adobe are still updating there servers for the new release, but its available for download NOW at the url above.

Now. Where is the Coldfusion 7.02 updater? I’m guessing it will be released as well? To allow the coldfusion community to start using the new Flex 2 remoting.

Very Exciting.

The release of flex 2 has been on everyone's mind. June 28, 2006 has been the expected date, but it seems because Adobe have not confirmed or denied this information no one knows if this is correct.

An email to the Flex coders list from David Mendels at Adobe, confirms that the time is near.

A Quote from David's Email:

Expect the ship announcement and the pricing announcement to be simultaneous. With that, the web site will be fully updated.

Expect news soon! All is well.

End Quote.

I also hope this means that Flash Player 9 will also be released, so all can view the amazing new RIA's everyone is creating.

Just wondering how many people out there are doing what I do. Juggle Work, Personal Development time and family. With the new Australian developer derby finishing in August, I'm trying to find time to do my eight to five job, do the usual bit of research for work after hours, learn Flex, write an application worthy of the developer derby and spend time with my family. I'm starting to think maybe the developer derby just isn't worth it for me at the moment. If people out there do it? how do you you do it? whats your secret?