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For those who arn’t aware, Bluedragon is an alternate CFML engine from New Atlanta. Vince Bonfanti from New Atlanta recently announced the planned features and schedule for the next version of Bluedragon. It seems they have come a long way in a short time. Bluedragon is currently available for Java and .NET platforms, which is […]

Flex 2 SDK, Flex 2 Builder, Flex Data Services 2 and Flash Player 9 have been officially released, along with a new Adobe Flex website. I think Adobe are still updating there servers for the new release, but its available for download NOW at the url above. Now. Where is the Coldfusion 7.02 updater? […]

The release of flex 2 has been on everyone's mind. June 28, 2006 has been the expected date, but it seems because Adobe have not confirmed or denied this information no one knows if this is correct. An email to the Flex coders list from David Mendels at Adobe, confirms that the time is near. […]

Just wondering how many people out there are doing what I do. Juggle Work, Personal Development time and family. With the new Australian developer derby finishing in August, I'm trying to find time to do my eight to five job, do the usual bit of research for work after hours, learn Flex, write an application […]

If your not using CFEclipse already, now is the time. I've been using CFEclipse for a while now, two years or more. Not sure if that's a long time as far as CFEclipse goes? Have people been using it longer than this? I remember jumping from Eclipse 3.0 to 3.1, just recently jumping up […]

The Rocketboots space race has finished, and the winners have been announced. Although I was proud to have my entry approved as an entry for the space race. Just today I learn't that my entry was (just) good enough to win something. Initially I wasn't very confident about producing something that I could enter, but […]

For those who know me, I have spent the last 4+ years working with Coldfusion, from simple websites, to large intranet based applications. During this time I have also done some work with the PDF format, for a variety of different reports. The main reason for pointing out my main line of experience is that […]