Flex Developer Space Race and Derby


The Rocketboots space race has finished, and the winners have been announced. Although I was proud to have my entry approved as an entry for the space race. Just today I learn't that my entry was (just) good enough to win something.

Initially I wasn't very confident about producing something that I could enter, but you have to be in it to win it, so give it a shot, I did, you've got nothing to lose. I've been trying to encourage work mates to get on board as well. The American Developer Derby and the Rest of the World Rocketboots spacerace have both finished, but a new Australian Derby has begun. If you have an idea and some time, give it your best shot and you could win a Plasma TV!!.


Although I know that by more people entering, I have less chance of taking a prize home. I think that the more the merrier. So go to labs.Adobe.com get your copy of Flex 2 (if you haven't already), and give it a go.

Before I go and get started on my new entry (I want a Plasma TV). I would like to know what people think of my Spacerace entry.

(You need Flash Player 9 Beta 3 to view this one.)

(Home of the SpaceRace Competition. Many thanks to Robin Hilliard.)

Is it something you could use? What can I do to improve it? More on this one later.


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