Coldfusion, Flex and Family Life.


Just wondering how many people out there are doing what I do. Juggle Work, Personal Development time and family. With the new Australian developer derby finishing in August, I'm trying to find time to do my eight to five job, do the usual bit of research for work after hours, learn Flex, write an application worthy of the developer derby and spend time with my family. I'm starting to think maybe the developer derby just isn't worth it for me at the moment. If people out there do it? how do you you do it? whats your secret?


3 Responses to “Coldfusion, Flex and Family Life.”

  1. I’d like to see some answers to your question as well. It just aint’ enough hours in a day.

    Greetings from Norway.

  2. Hey – you want to split resources and do a joint entry – spread the load. I have a few ideas – once this weekend is over and deadlines finished, I was thinking about getting an entry in. Lets chat

  3. 3 simon says

    The majority of people out there don’t do it, they are happy with the status quo and have no time for work outside of work. Programming is for young people who don’t have family commitments and are happy to learn syntax/languages that will soon be outdated.

    In western countries – programming is dying (automation and outsourcing) and unless you live in India I would forget about it. Go and learn about the business world and get some young blokes to do it for you while you kick back and smell the roses and enjoy time with your famliy. Think about this one – all that extra work and blue collar workers now earn more than you and they spend way more quality time with there families. I think Martin may have a point there – share the wealth, you may have more time. There are plenty of hours in the day. Perhaps you should think about working less for the same amount of money, just work harder. In the end it all comes down to luck and what you want out of life. But I do know that the older you get you will not be able to keep up and these days you see a lot of 45+ exprogrammers mowing lawns cause they never learn’t to wise up.

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