Eclipse Open Office Integration.


I know a lot of the Coldfusion Community is using CFEclipse, and with Flex Builder 2 being Eclipse based, I think more people are going to get exposure to the Eclipse Platform.

How many people don’t leave there Eclipse editor to do there work? how many people want more and more from there Eclipse Platforms?

For those who already have Open Office installed or even for those who don’t. The Office Integration Editor Plug-in

Another reason not to leave the Eclipse Platform.

While I’m on the subject? how many people use Eclipse for multiple things? how many people prefer to use different applications? I know that even some of the people who use Eclipse for multiple tasks, run the different Eclipse applications in seperate instances instead of switching between perspectives. What do you use Eclipse for? do you use perspectives? instances? or seperate applications?

As for me, I use my Eclipse for Database Access (QuantumDB), Coldfusion (CFEclipse, Flex 2 (Flex Builder 2), Java (JDT), Office Documents (Open office and plugin) and CVS. I use perspectives mainly unless I need to run a different version of the Platform. (Flex Builder 2 I have to currently run Eclipse 3.1). I don’t use the webbrowsers or any email plugins, because I rather have a seperate applications running for these tasks.


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