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I know a lot of the Coldfusion Community is using CFEclipse, and with Flex Builder 2 being Eclipse based, I think more people are going to get exposure to the Eclipse Platform. How many people don’t leave there Eclipse editor to do there work? how many people want more and more from there Eclipse Platforms? […]

Flex 2 SDK, Flex 2 Builder, Flex Data Services 2 and Flash Player 9 have been officially released, along with a new Adobe Flex website. I think Adobe are still updating there servers for the new release, but its available for download NOW at the url above. Now. Where is the Coldfusion 7.02 updater? […]

If your not using CFEclipse already, now is the time. I've been using CFEclipse for a while now, two years or more. Not sure if that's a long time as far as CFEclipse goes? Have people been using it longer than this? I remember jumping from Eclipse 3.0 to 3.1, just recently jumping up […]