If your not using CFEclipse already, now is the time.

I've been using CFEclipse for a while now, two years or more. Not sure if that's a long time as far as CFEclipse goes? Have people been using it longer than this? I remember jumping from Eclipse 3.0 to 3.1, just recently jumping up to 3.2. I might add that Flex Builder 2 seems to work nicely with 3.2r7.

Back on to the world of CFEclipse, like I said I've been using it for a while, but there are couple of things that keep coming up at work. While I think the CFEclipse crew do a fantastic job, and I'm aware its a non-profit project. It seems the Coldfusion Syntax parser still needs a little work? I'm pretty sure the guys are aware the parsers arn't as stable as they could be, with reported errors on strange things like "url is compulsory for the <cflocation> tag. I don't want to upset anyone and I think the team are doing a great job, all I want to do, is request that maybe a little bit more time be spent on the parser, for things such as the code folding and in line (realtime) edit/parsing speed (seems a little slow) and syntax problems that arn't really problems.

I think that CFEclipse will attract more people when Flex Builder is release. Maybe another quick request to get more people using it. Make sure it runs on the released stand-alone version of Flex Builder, I think you'll get a few more people using it this way.

In the last two years I have been trying to convince friends and colleagues to use Eclipse, CFEclipse and Quantum DB. Finally it seems more and more people who I have been talking to are taking it on and using it, which I think is fantastic.

Once again I think the team are doing a great job, and I realise that its open source, so any thing I've said above are just some suggestions from a loyal fan. Keep up the good work guys.


The Rocketboots space race has finished, and the winners have been announced. Although I was proud to have my entry approved as an entry for the space race. Just today I learn't that my entry was (just) good enough to win something.

Initially I wasn't very confident about producing something that I could enter, but you have to be in it to win it, so give it a shot, I did, you've got nothing to lose. I've been trying to encourage work mates to get on board as well. The American Developer Derby and the Rest of the World Rocketboots spacerace have both finished, but a new Australian Derby has begun. If you have an idea and some time, give it your best shot and you could win a Plasma TV!!.


Although I know that by more people entering, I have less chance of taking a prize home. I think that the more the merrier. So go to labs.Adobe.com get your copy of Flex 2 (if you haven't already), and give it a go.

Before I go and get started on my new entry (I want a Plasma TV). I would like to know what people think of my Spacerace entry.

(You need Flash Player 9 Beta 3 to view this one.)

(Home of the SpaceRace Competition. Many thanks to Robin Hilliard.)

Is it something you could use? What can I do to improve it? More on this one later.

For those who know me, I have spent the last 4+ years working with Coldfusion, from simple websites, to large intranet based applications. During this time I have also done some work with the PDF format, for a variety of different reports.

The main reason for pointing out my main line of experience is that recently I have been getting my feet wet in territory that is new for me. "FLEX 2.0". I think that many of the Coldfusion developers out there are doing the same, and if they aren't, they should probably seriously start considering it. Even Flash is relatively new to me, in that I have done flash work in the past, but very little at that.

Although I'm still learning Flex 2, I'm really starting to enjoy working with it.

I'm sure you don't want me to go on about me, so I will give you two things.

  1. If your not already, at least have a look at Flex 2. I'm sure you'll be impressed. For those thinking "I just don't have the time". Ask yourself if you can spare 15 minutes a day? maybe during your lunch break? to have a look at what Flex can achieve for you.
  2. A URL of my first flex creation, any comments or questions would be appriciated. (Flash Player 9 Required)
    My Flex Widget
      Screenshot (Thanks to Rocketboots).

Just a little something I haven't seen mentioned in any blogs. Although Adobe have not released much information about the licencing and pricing of Flex Builder, something I read in some of the documentation indicates that there will be at least two versions of Flex Builder. Flex Builder with Charting and Flex Builder without Charting?